Carriage Driving
Maryalice Matheson ,"R" Pleasure Driving Judge ,is available for driving training , clinics , lessons, and judging . A comprehensive training program is designed for each horse. All horses are started with basic ground work and slowly brought along to produce a safe and quality driving horse. Although each horse progresses at different rates, we suggest that a minimum of 3 months of training is required for an adequate introduction to driving .  Maryalice is also available for a consult 
on carriage , harness , and driving horse purchases. Off site training sessions are also available for both horse and rider .
Maryalice is an active board member of the Piedmont Driving Club. More 
infomation about the club and their events can be found at www.piedmontdrivingclubva.com. 

2015 Calendar
May 15-17- Carriage Classic in the Pines- Pinehurst harness track Aberdeen ,NC 

2014 Graduates
Leslie Yarborough and her pair of TBxConnemara mares
2013 Driving Training Graduates
"Diva" 6 yo Dartmoor Pony owned by Catharine Mackay-Smith Kempson.
"Farnley Pashmina" 7 yo Welsh Pony owned by Catharine Mackay- Smith Kempson. ( Pictured below with Mrs. Kempsons niece)

"Prima Donna" 10 yo Dartmoor Pony owned by Catharine Mackay-Smith Kempson.(Pictured below with Maryalice Matheson at one of the Piedmont Driving Club events)

"Twiggy" 5 yo Welsh Pony owned by Teresa Glass. (Pictured below with Maryalice Matheson and Joaquin the farm mascot)

"Shedaisy" 17 yo Quarter Horse owned by Molly Savage.